Dreams and Time

Of all the things to be treasured in this life,time should rank among the top items. If we understand the value of it,we start to make the most of it.In its very nature,time is dynamic and it waits for no one.A wise person therefore knows how to make the most of it.

I had dreams,big ones and several of them. My biggest challenge?How to take them from being a dream into present day reality.If i was going to succeed i would have to make the most of time.Time is a resource,a diminishing resource for that matter.Once twenty four hours elapse,you won’t be able to retrieve that day again and that’s why its important to take stock of time if you will ever make your dreams a reality.

What are dreams made of? Probably the substance that houses our potential.Why dream to start with? I’d say because there’s more to you than what we’ve seen or known. With that in mind one has to be aware that when you wake up,you need to reconcile what can be with what is and maximize your time to make it happen.

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